The BX1600 Electronic Time Recorder

The BX1600 has the benefit of being able to Automatically move across the card during the day. It's flexibility still allows for employees to clock outside of their normal shift times.

Example of Imprint Formats

MO 745 - (Day, 60 minutes)

1 745 - (Day Number, 60 minutes)

MO 775 - (Day, 100th of an hour)


  Handles weekly and bi-weekly pay
Semi-automatic across-the-card
   printing allows easy handling of various
Programmable IN/OUT printing

Perpetual calendar automatically
   compensates for the end of every
   month and leap years
The shuttle printer design ensures
   clear, fast and quiet printing
Built-in lithium battery protects the
   clock and program data for 3 years
Uses program cards for easy set up
Programmable printing formats for day
   or date, AM/PM or 0-23 hour, regular
   minutes, 10th or 100th
Easy to replace ink cartridge