The EX9600 Electronic Time Recorder

The EX9600 Time Clock is an extremely reliable, heavy duty time clock suitable for any application and working environment. It can handle both fixed and floating shifts and comes standard with full power reserve and time signal output.

Example of Imprint Formats

MO 7:45 - (Day, 60 minutes)

01 7:45 - (Day Number, 60 minutes)


  Large clock face is easy to read.
   Quartz timer keeps extremely
   accurate time
  High-quality dot matrix printer prints
   cleanly and clearly
  Full power reserve capability is
   provided for printing in case of power
  Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly,
   semi-monthly, and monthly time cards,
   and can register across the card, up
   the card, and down the card
  Two colour printing
  Time signal output
  Automatic card feeder
  Automatic across and down the card
  Programmable printing formats for day
   or date, AM/PM or 0-23 hour, regular
   minutes, 10th or 100th
  Easy to replace ink cartridge