The MJR8000 Intelligent Time Recorder
Calculates hours worked for up to 250 employees

The MJR8000 is the most simple stand-alone time recorder yet. It will save you time and money, eliminate human errors in pay gross pay calculation and make supervision of man hours more efficient. It offers labour wage control that is foolproof and reliable. It's design means there is no need to worry about time card insertion or double punching.


  250 employee capacity
Unlimited consecutive in/out time
Rounding of In/Out times
Automatic deduction of break times
Flexible rounding, grace periods, etc
Automatic adjustment to daylight
   savings time
Up to 72 hour battery backup for full
   operation during power outage
Automatic card feeder
Boosts employee moral by having
   accumulated hours printed on their time
Exception marks for easy identification

    of tardiness, overtime, etc.
Time card corrections are simple
Prints exceptions in red