Lauranka Time Clock Version 2 to Series 3

Software Upgrade

Available to all users currently running

Lauranka Time Clock Version 2 Software

(non SQL Version)


About Series 3 Upgrade

Our latest Series 3 software has now been out for over 3 years. During this time it has continued to evolve and develop to offer significant additional benefits over the older Version 2 software not only in it's functionality but also in keeping up with evolving development and Windows platforms. At the same time our older Version 2 software the end of this current Annual PSA period (31 March 2019) all clients who have yet haven't upgrade should be looking to do so.


The following will guide you step-by-step through the process. In terms of Series 3 and coming to grips with it and the changes, in essence it is an evolution of our Version 2 software. Much of it looks and feels similar, and there is a simple migration guide to bring you up to speed.


  • Must be a currently active Lauranka Time clock Version 2 Client running Version 2.550PSA or less.

  • Requires Microsoft Access 2013 (a free Runtime Version can be downloaded from Microsoft or our website)

  • Requires Windows 7 or Greater.


In terms of existing Product Support Agreement's (PSA) and Software Licensing, this latest Series 3 should be treated as no different to any other upgrade and considered a continuation and covered by these existing PSA Agreements and Software Licensing.

Upgrade Form

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