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COMMS Sigma Software for MorphoWave, VisionPass and Sigma Biometric Readers

Our COMMS Sigma Software allows you to easily interface some of the world's best Biometric Readers into 3rd party Software applications

Powerful Simple Software Solutions


Employee Clocking

MorphoWave, VisionPass or Sigma Biometric Readers


Comprehensive online Help Wizard to guide you step-by-step through the process of installation, setting up and using your Morpho Reader

Basic Setup and Template Transfer Functions

Our COMMS Sigma offers simple and easy to use features to set your basic Reader features as well as backing up, editing and transferring employee Templates between Readers


Lauranka COMMS Sigma

PC or Server

3rd Party Software Interface

We have created a clean simple raw data file that can be used by our Lauranka Time Clock Software or (receptive) 3rd Party Software providers.

Step by Step Guide

A simple step-by-step video guide for our super simple COMMS Sigma Communications Software for use with MorphoWave, VisionPass and Sigma Readers to allow easy integration into our Lauranka Time Clock Software or for 3rd party Software providers.

Simply Stunning Next Generation Biometric Attendance Solutions

Still Not Convinced?

Ask for a free on-line Demo

Why Choose Lauranka?

To us you are more than just a sale

  • We have been supplying and supporting clients with Time and Attendance Solutions for over 20 years.

  • With over 800+ solutions, both direct and to 3rd party providers and around 2,000 Biometric Readers supplied we have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

  • Current interfaces: PayGlobal, Timefiler, Workforce Solution, Lauranka and MYOB (additional added on request)

  • We supply some of the best Biometric Readers in the World. Check out the following videos and make up your own mind!

  • Our Biometric are installed into many of New Zealand’s most well-known and respected companies. 

MorphoWave - 60 Second Throughput Test

MorphoWave - Testing To The Extreme

  • Personalised service where sales and support are always handled by our core senior staff.

  • We are a leading supplier to New Zealands Supermarket Industry and also a major supplier to the Packhouse Industry with a proven track record.

Commonly Asked Questions?

Q. How do I access support?

A. We offer a number of support avenues, firstly we have a very comprehensive and detailed on-line Help Wizard which we constantly update to help improve processes. Secondly we love talking to clients, so you're welcome to contact us through our support phone number or email. And finally we make extensive use of Teamviewer, this is a great way to facilitate training or assistance.

Q. Does the above support cost anything?

A. Once signed up your PSA or Rental Fee covers Helpdesk or online support at no additional charge.

Q. Do you sell cheap Biometric Readers?

A. Very simply no. We have always supplied what we consider to be one of the best Biometric Readers on the market. It is our philosophy  to offer our clients the very best product for their solution to ensure the best performance, quality and long term reliability, with some 1,700+ Readers now supplied it is something our clients have appreciated.

Q. Do you offer any other options for Clocking other than HandWave and Fingerscan?

A. Yes, we also offer Prox Card, PIN Number, and a P.C./Server Punch Module.

Q. Can we use more that one Clocking Option or Multiple Clocking Readers?

A. Yes, we have many clients running multiple Readers and Options (per previous question), both on their local site and also remotely.

Q. Can you scale as we get bigger?

A. Yes, you can add additional MorphoWave and Sigma Readers  as required.


Q. Can you import employee demographics into your COMMS Sigma Software?

A. Yes, we have a very cool Import routine which takes in a simple CSV File.

Q. Can we customise our own Raw Data File output format?

A. We have written COMMS Sigma so that the team at Lauranka can easily add additional custom formats. If you need a custom format please just contact us.

From installation to using, our COMMS Sigma Solution is designed to be as simple as


Install your Comms Sigma software.


Screw your Reader to the wall. Connect to network, power and set the IP address.


Register your staff on the HandWave, Facial or Fingerscan Reader.

With our one-on-one online training, help wizards, and support desk we are here to support you step-by-step

For more information on the exact step-by-step process please press ?

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