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Analogue and Digital Clock Systems
Tower Clocks and Bell Automation
Public Address Solutions
Specifiers (Order) Guides
Established in 1868 Bodet are the European leader in Time Display and Measurement Products

Please select the desired project below that best suites your application. Then view, research, conceptualise and order from the downloadable PDF.

At any stage please don't hesitate to contact us or email the PDF form back to us to either discuss, price up or order your solution.

Please note although we have endeavored to ensure the information is as accurate and up to date as possible, final confirmation of both detail and pricing will be provided prior to a finalised order.
Thank you.
Bodet - Hospital2.jpg
For Hospitals, Health Centres and Laboratories
Bodet - Airport2.jpg
For Airports
Bodet - Business2.jpg
For Commercial and industrial Buildings
Bodet - Mall2.jpg
For Shopping Malls
Bodet - Tower Clocks2.jpg
For Tower Clocks and Bell Automation / Restoration
Bodet - School2.jpg
For Schools, College’s and Universities
Bodet - Civic2.jpg
For Civic and Governmental Buildings
Bodet - Train Station2.jpg
For Train Stations / Transport Hubs
Bodet - Sports Centre2.jpg
For Sports Centres, Stadiums and Pool Complexes, etc.
Bodet - Generic2.jpg
For Generic Rooms and Areas
Celebrating 29 years in Business
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