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Bodet Time

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Tower Clocks

Bodet's Town Clock line offers a wide range of customized dials and movements (including GPS based) suitable for buildings such as churches, town halls, commercial and business centres, as well as railway stations and airports.

Dials features:
• Diameter from 0,5 m to 7 m
Multiple faces if required.

• Various colours available for dial background, hour marks and hands, or customise/retrofit to your own/existing solution/tower clock.

• Weatherproof dial & hour markers
• Traditional enameled dials

Bell Electrification and Restoration

Bell Electrification and Restoration

Bodet as one of the world's leading specialists in bell electrification and restoration and can offer a full range of solutions customised specifically for each application. If you have a requirement to electrify or restore an existing bell please contact us today.


Through Bodet we are able to offer the latest generation options for bell ringing or striking facilities (via electronic ringing motors or electro-mechanical hammers, GPS, etc.).

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