If you are running POE (Power Over Ethernet), then please DO NOT use the supplied 12v power supply, as doing so will inhibit network connectivity with the unit.

The following guide is only valid for use with a Static IP Address

Enter the ‘Administration Menu’ on the Bioscrypt 4G V-Station Reader (while pressing the Left Arrow on the ‘OK’ button at the same time press ‘#enter’).


Then default password is ‘0000’ followed by ‘OK’; (or if set, enter the appropriate ‘ADMIN ID’ followed by ‘0000’ and present the matching Finger).

Next using the Arrow Buttons select the ‘Communication’ (bottom left icon) option and press ‘OK’. Next select ‘Network Interface’ then ‘Ethernet’, then ‘IP Configuration’ and press ‘OK’.

Next scroll down to ‘IP Address’ and enter the IP Address. The Left Arrow can be used as a back Space and the Right Arrow can be used as the dot.


The IP Address should be entered without any leading zero's where appropriate (e.g. Correct =, Wrong = (Please note this differs from the older 3G V-Station which requires a full 12 digit number).

(Finally, you also must ensure the 'Gateway Address' (below the 'IP Address') is in the same range as the above 'IP Address' in order to save the IP Address, i.e. for the above example this might be having the Gateway Address as




The IP address used in the 4G V-station Setup will also require to be entered into our Lauranka COMMS Communications Software in the ‘Terminal Setup’ option. So please ensure you take note of it for this purpose.

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