Hardware Installation

Screwing your Reader to the wall, connecting to network, power and set the IP address

Software Installation

Install software and enter the Reader details

Registering and Using

Register your staff on the Fingerscan Reader and 

using the Reader

For Lauranka COMMS Communications Software

and 4G Fingerscan Reader


Simple step-by-step guides for how to screw your 4G V-Station Fingerscan Reader to the wall, connect to network, power and set the IP address.



How to mount your Fingerscan Reader

Setting IP Address

How to set the IP address on your Finger Scan Reader

Hardware Installation




Simple step by step guides on how to install your Lauranka COMMS Software and enter the Fingerscan Reader details.

Software Installation

Step by step instructions



Step by step instructions to add your Fingerscan Reader



A simple guide on how to register a finger scan for a user

Clocking Guide

A simple guide showing how users clock on and off


 How to manually or automatically Poll your reader(s)

Simple step by step guides on how to register on and use your 4G V-Station Fingerscan Reader. Including how to manually and automatically Poll the Reader.

Registering and Using


Adjust Time

The time is wrong on my Finger Scan Reader and I want to change it?

Finger Scan Cleaning

The sensor on my Finger Scan Reader is dirty and I want to know how to clean it?

PIN Number

I have an employee who consistently has difficulty clocking in. How can I change them to a PIN number on my Finger Scan Reader?

Punch at the P.C.

How to install and use the optional add-on P.C./Server Clocking module

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