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The following guide assumes you have already installed

your Fingerscan or Swipe Card Reader

(if not please see the Installation Wizard)


STEP 1. Open your Lauranka TimeClock Software


STEP 2. Select 'COMMS' from the 'Main Menu'


STEP 3. Select 'Terminal Setup'


STEP 4. Select the 'Terminal/Unit ID'. The initial default is '0' (if you have more than one Reader/Terminal select as appropriate)


STEP 5. Give the Terminal a name 'Terminal/Unit Name'


STEP 6. Select the type of Terminal you are using.

Finger Scan Reader = '4G V-Station'


or '4G V-Station (Job Costing)' (if your Fingerscan Reader has been setup for Job Costing)

Finger Scan Reader = '3G V-Station'

STEP 7. Select how you are communicating, either 'Serial' or 'Ethernet' (network). In most cases if you are communicating across your network then you should select 'Ethernet Communication'. Next enter the 'IP Address' that you have entered into your Fingerscan (or Swipe) Reader.

STEP 8. Press 'Save'.



STEP 9. To test you are now communicating with your Fingerscan (or Swipe Reader), press 'Configure'. The select 'Ask Terminal', if the left hand side of the Screen (Current Settings) populate with data then your good.



STEP 10. Finally, if you have more than one Reader go back to the 'Terminal Setup' screen, select another 'Terminal/Unit ID' and repeat above with new settings.

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