The initial registration of employee’s fingers is very important. We would therefore recommend the following protocol while undertaking the initial registration so as to ensure maximum recognition when the system is in use.

Please note the following process once completed allows by default for an Employee to Clock In by either Biometric Presentation and Keypad Entry. The Keypad entry can be easily disabled via a simple function in the COMMS Sigma Software and should be done if an Employee is using Biometric verification only.

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Optimal Performance Range

The registration process is very important in ensuring the best possible performance of your system. The following guide details the optimal facial presentation range to ensure optimal performance for both registration and ongoing use. It is important to read and understand this. 




Enter the ‘Administration Menu’ on the Morpho Sigma, VisionPass or MorphoWave Reader by pressing the bottom-left Button on the Main Screen (a lock with a key).


Then default password (unless user changed) is ‘12345’ followed by the .

Next select the ‘User Management’ option (top-left icon). Next select ‘Add/Enroll User’ then ‘DB Only’. Then Enter the ID Number ('Enter User Identifier') you wish for an employee to use/have when Presenting/Punching at the Terminal and press .

Next under 'Enrollment Information' complete the following steps (minimum).

1. First Name (add)

2. Last Name (add)

3.Capture face

Follow the on screen enrolment process when registering

(Please remember/refer the optimal presentation guide in Step 1).

When completed with the User Management process press √ to save the employee information.


Once you have finished registering an individual we recommend that you allow the employee to practice/test a few times (about 5 times) by presenting their face.

To do this under the ‘User Management’ option (top-left icon) select 'Authenticate User' and enter the ID Number of the person and press and scan the appropriate Finger.



Remember ‘Step 4’ is just an initial indication as to how well an individual appears to have registered. The most IMPORTANT part of this procedure is testing, as this will give the most accurate feedback as to how well an individual has registered.


Final Note

Each unit has as standard the ability to use a PIN Number instead of/or in addition to a Finger. Use of a PIN number can be enabled either via an employees 'Enrollment Information' Screen on the Sigma or easily via Lauranka COMMS Sigma Software.

Employee registration guides for the Sigma and V-Station Fingerscan Readers(Printable PDF)

Sigma (latest)

MorphoWave (latest)


4G V-Station (new style)

3G V-Station (old style)

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