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Bodet Time

If what matters is time then talk to us about one of our world class clock solutions!

As a primary supplier of display clock systems in New Zealand, we have installed many systems around New Zealand, including railway stations, airports, hospitals, universities, schools, banks, industrial and commercial buildings.

With many syncronisation options on offer, from stand-alone clocks to NTP/POE, and GPS based systems using encoded time protocol, our systems constantly ensure an accurate and reliable time display, as well as Summer/Winter time changeovers.

Clocks Analogue
Analogue Clocks - Profil Range

Extra slim round clock

  • Available in 3 sizes: 30, 40 and 60cm diameter.

  • Optimal readability: 30cm/20m, 40cm/30m, 60cm/60m

  • Models for indoors (IP40) and outdoors (IP53).

  • Four ring colours: white, black, chrome, aluminium. Three types of dial available.

  • Optional supports: wall mounted, double-sided, protective glass, bracket, etc.

  • Synchronisation options: NTP/PoE, Impulses, AFNOR

Analogue Clocks - Profil TGV Range

Design analogue clocks

  • Available in 3 sizes: 30, 40, 50 and 70cm diameter.

  • Optimal readability: 30cm/20m, 40cm/30m, 50cm/40m, 70cm/70m

  • Models for indoors (IP40) and outdoors (IP55).

  • Dark dial with yellow graphics and yellow hands, black casing.

  • Optional supports: wall mounted, double-sided, protective glass, led illumination kit, bracket or chain, etc.

  • Synchronisation options: Impulses, AFNOR

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LED Digital Clocks - Time Zone

Multi-Time Zone LED clock for indoor installation

  • 5 models: 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 cities. Display cities, countries or locations of your choice.

  • Summer/winter time changeovers and programmable time differences for all countries in the world.

  • Management of time on the basis of GMT.

  • Single or double sided mounting with bracket.

  • 4 levels adjustable brightness.

  • Optimal readability: 20m.

  • Digit height: 5cm, white stickers 3cm.

  • LED colors: red, green and yellow.

  • Time distribution methods: 230v Independent  or NTP/PoE.

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LCD Digital Clocks - Opalys Range

The backlit Opalys LCD clock fits easily into any interior decoration

  • Four models available.

  • Luminous blue background.

  • All our clocks display the date and the week number (tempreture optional on selected models).

  • Power via mains or PoE network.

  • Casing color: aluminium

  • Options and mounting accessories: table or shelf bracket, double sided bracket, recessed mounting bracket.

  • Synchronisation options: NTP/PoE, Impulses, AFNOR

LCD Digital Clocks - Cristalys Range

The elegant Cristalys LCD clock will suit any interior

  • Four models: Cristalys 7Cristalys 14Cristalys Ellipse and Cristalys Date.

  • Battery-powered (autonomy over 3 years).

  • Date and week number can be displayed on all models (tempreture optional on selected models).

  • Battery-powered, low voltage power supply unit (15V), or PoE network.

  • Casing colors: aluminium, white or burgundy.

  • Options and mounting accessories: table or shelf bracket, double-sided bracket, recessed mounting bracket

  • Synchronisation options: NTP/PoE, Impulses, AFNOR

LED Digital Clocks - Style Range

Digit height (depending on model) - 5cm / 7cm / 10cm

Optimal Readability (depending on model) - 20m / 30m / 40m

Reading Angle - 120°

Temperature Display (selected models)

Hospital/Operating Theater Clock 

 Optional timer and countdown functions available using a timer keypad

Date Display

(selected models)

The Style range: Digital clocks with a choice of LED colours


Thanks to it's clear digital display the STYLE LED clock range can be read extremely quickly and easily. This ease of viewing has seen this model become popular in the healthcare, transport and industry sectors.


The advantages of Bodets LED clocks

  • Choice of LED colours: red, yellow, green, blue or white.

  • Ultra-flat 8 mm design.

  • Automatic winter/summer time changeover.

  • Economy mode : a programmable energy saving feature.

  • Range of time distribution methods: independent, NTP/IP (PoE), NTP/Wi-Fi (230v), wired AFNOR and wired impulse.

Standard features across the range

  • Indoor use.

  • 12 or 24 hour display mode.

  • 4 brightness settings.

  • Power supply: mains or PoE.

  • Matt black injected ABS casing with wall bracket (IP30, IK02) and acrylic front screen.

  • Indoor use

  • Programming via 2 push buttons (except STYLE 10D and 10SD)

Choice of 5 LED Colours

Clocks Digital
Clocks Outdoor
LED Digital Clocks - HMT-HMS Range

Digit height (depending on model) - 10cm / 15cm / 20cm / 25cm /  45cm

Optimal Readability (depending on model) - 40m / 60m / 90m / 120m / 200m

Choice of 3 LED Colours

Large high luminosity clocks for outdoor use

  • Fixed or alternate: display of time, date, temperature (option), chronometer.

  • Colours available: white, red and yellow.

  • Automatic setting of luminosity according to light exposure (sun, cloud or night).

  • Complete package ready for installation.

  • Mains power 110/240V.

  • Protection index: IP54.

  • LED colours: yellow, white and red.

  • Optional double sided bracket.

  • Range of time distribution methods: independent, NTP/IP, GPS, wired AFNOR and wired impulse.

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