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Biometric Trade-In Offer

Trevelyan's Pack & Cool Ltd

Using Lauranka Attendance Software and Contactless MorphoWave Biometric Readers


From Trevelyan's Pack & Cool Ltd


Trevelyan’s is a packhouse and coolstore operation based in Te Puke. We are the largest single-site kiwifruit packing operation in New Zealand. Five export packhouses and 38 state-of-the-art coolstores spread over 20ha provide efficiency and ease of management across all our daily operations.

Established in 1971, we are a privately-owned company. Trevelyan’s employs around 200 permanent staff and about an extra 1500 seasonal staff between March and June each year. We are very proud of the people who contribute to the success of our business. Strong partnerships with growers, staff, customers, our local community and other business partners are valued and invested in.

We have a need to clock 650 people per shift in & out of their shifts at once. The technology we had/have is dated and causes major queues. We chose to trial one of the (Contactless MorphoWave) units to see if we could streamline or speed up our process for clocking teams in and out fast.


The hand scan units significantly speed up the process but not only this it eliminated other issues we were facing.


  • The old units required a pin and fingerprint, typo and memory issues have disappeared

  • At times it was difficult to get a fingerprint from some people, we didn’t have this issue with the hand wave unit

  • We didn’t enter names into the old units, we did with the hand waves and when we had random punches we could check the unit and see who they belonged too.


Then when Covid came:


  • We needed touch free

  • We needed speed to avoid queues.


Found the speed and accuracy of the units amazing.

Jodi Johnstone​

Human Resource Manager Trevelyn's Pack & Cool Ltd

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