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(Lauranka COMMS Optional Add-on Module)



Lauranka's Punch at the P.C. module allows for employees to Clock In and Out (including mass supervisor clockings/transfers, etc) via a P.C. or Server. The way in which Punch at the P.C. works means that it emulates and creates the same raw data file type as either our Fingerscan or Swipe Card Readers.


Not only can Punch at the P.C. be used independent of the above Readers, but likewise it means that if used in conjunction with either of the above an employee can Clock on either Punch at the P.C. or a Reader as appropriate with no discrimination in terms of the outputted transaction.

Installation Note

Punch at the P.C. is an optional add-on module within Lauranka COMMS. Therefore in order to install Punch at the P.C. you simply need to install Lauranka COMMS ensuring you have the appropriate add-on license.

Finally, unlike our Lauranka Time Clock Software which is very much a client/server application (i.e. requires an individual client file for each admin  user), we have found Punch at the P.C. although in essence still a client/server application due to it's nature seems to operate quite comfortably as a terminal/server application (i.e. multiple individuals can access the same client file).



To install Punch at the P.C (Lauranka Comms) simply run the 'Setup.exe' from the supplied media (or download file).

Once installed Punch at the P.C. (Lauranka COMMS) can be run from:


Option 1: The Windows menu and is called - Lauranka CommsThe Punch at the P.C. button is situation in the middle of the Main Menu of Lauranka COMMS.

Option 2: Direct from a Command line (as follows)

C:\Comms\comms.exe punchatpc

This direct command line will take you straight to the Punch at the P.C. screen and what is most commonly used. This can esily be setup within a new Icon by making the target as detailed above.

Please note if you have installed Punch at the P.C. to the non-default location (i.e. not the C:\Comms folder) then the command line above should be altered to reflect the different location.


Setting up Punch at the P.C.

(if required)

There are 2 considerations to be given before using Punch at the P.C., firstly that you are saving the raw data to the correct file path, and secondly you are using the most appropriate Clocking interface screen.

Firstly, the default raw data file Punch at the P.C. saves to is:


This is the default file and location designed to automicatically work with our Lauranka Time Clock software.


If you need to change the file name or location for any reason this can easily be done by selecting the File option within Punch at the P.C. (top-right of the screen box), select Setup (where open is the default password), then altering the Time Stamp Location accordingly.

Secondly, choosing the most appropriate interface screen for Clocking. We currently have 8 different interface screens you can choose from.


To select the appropriate screen for your requirement (some are restricted by licensing options), simple select the File option within Punch at the P.C. (top-right of the screen box), select Setup (where open is the default password), then choose the appropriate Open On interface screen.


Using Punch at the P.C.

Open Punch at the P.C. and simple enter your ID Number (and password, or other infomation depending on the interface screen if required) and press OK.



This button on the main Punch at the P.C. screen (bottom-left) lets you close to your Windows Menu Bar, ready for easy selection again.


System Tray

This function within the File option (top-left) allows you to close Punch at the P.C. to your System Tray instead of your Windows Menu Bar when using the Hide button, ready for easy selection again.

Time Source

The time source for referencing the Clocking times is that which is used by the P.C./Server with Punch at the P.C. (Lauranka COMMS) installed.

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