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Specifiers (Order) Guides
Terms of Use
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The Specifiers (Order) Guides, including the associated and downloadable PDF's are designed to be an insightful and simple to use tool to support a client in their decision making to be able to Conceptualise, Specify and/or Order for their applicable Display Clock System, Tower Clock / Bell Automation or Public Address System project.
Use of these guides, being both on this website or in relation to the associated downloadable PDF's are subject to our Website Terms of Use and Conditions of Sale.

Although we will endeavor to keep the information as up to date and accurate as possible, given the large amount of information, new product releases, ongoing product development and updates, etc. we cannot and do not guarantee or warrant against the information being free of errors or omissions.

With respect of and subject to the above please ensure before finalising any specification or order that you forward us (Lauranka New Zealand Ltd) your completed PDF forms for your project at which time we can confirm details, including confirmation of your specification/order, any variations, advice on pricing and any specific payment terms, plus any other considerations we feel important.

Additionally, as product and information is being updated on a regular basis and we make improvements to the website and associated downloadable PDF guides you should always check for the latest iteration of both the website and associated downloadable PDF's. For the downloadable PDF's this will generally be denoted by a little date code on the document. Likewise from time-to- time changes may also be reflected in respect of this Specifier (Order) Guides - Terms of Use page.

Finally, the intended use for these Specifiers (Order) Guides including all related downloadable PDF's is to support clients (current or potential) of Lauranka New Zealand Ltd and to assist in planning or ordering for their current or future Display Clock, Tower Clock / Bell Automation, or Public Address System project. With this in mind please feel free to share the guides around as appropriate to this extent. However please note, all content including any images, whether on the website or on the downloadable PDF's are subject to copyright and any use outside of the intended use is strictly prohibited.

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