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Let us help you track your staff hours more efficiently with one of our Time Clock Solutions!

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From one of the world's oldest and most reputable Time Clock Manufacturers


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Amano BX1600 - Electronic Time Clock

The BX1600 is a great option for those clients wanting a simple and easy to use Time Clock.

Amano BX1600 Timeclock



  • Easy out of the box setup

  • Simple programming and operation

  • Quartz clock accuracy

  • Automatic card feed/print eliminates operator error




  • Simple, clean design fits any business environment

  • Programmable IN/OUT print position

  • Highlights Clockings outside normal time zones

  • Lithium battery holds memory up to 3 years

  • Large, easy-to-read digital clock face with quartz time base

  • Automatic adjustment of Daylight-Saving Time, short months and leap years

  • Automatic card feeding

  • 6 print columns (3 IN and 3 OUT per day)

  • High quality dot matrix printer

  • Table or wall mounting


Typical User:


  • Warehouse

  • Small restaurant, office or store

Amano BX6400 - Electronic Time Clock

The BX6400 has the benefit of being able to Automatically move across the card during the day. It also offers 2 color printing for highlighting employee's employee clocking outside of standard work times, as well as full power reserve, and a bell control output.


  • Simple programming (set and forget)

  • Auto card feed/print

  • Large, easy to read analog clock face

  • Perpetual calendar

  • Automatic daylight savings adjustment

  • Print format includes day/date, 0-23hours, AM/PM, minutes (10th or 100th)

  • Full power reserve

  • Built-in battery backup retains clock memory up to three years

  • Two color (Black & Red) printing

  • Programmable IN/OUT printing position

  • Built-in time signal function

  • Built-in electric melody unit

Amano EX9600 - Electronic Time Clock

The EX9600 Time Clock is an extremely reliable, heavy duty time clock suitable for any application and working environment. It can handle both fixed and floating shifts and comes standard with full power reserve and time signal output.

Amano EX9600 Timeclock


  • Large clock face is easy to read. Quartz timer keeps extremely accurate time

  • High-quality dot matrix printer prints cleanly and clearly

  • Full power reserve capability is rovided for printing in case of power failure

  • Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly time cards, and can register across the card, up the card, and down the card

  • Two colour printing

  • Time signal output

  • Automatic card feeder

  • Automatic across and down the card printing

  • Programmable printing formats for day or date, AM/PM or 0-23 hour, regular minutes, 10th or 100th

  • Easy to replace ink cartridge

Example of Imprint Formats

MO 7:45 - (Day, 60 minutes)

01 7:45 - (Day Number, 60 minutes)

Amano MJR8000 - Intelligent Time Clock

Calculates hours worked for up to 250 employees

The MJR8000 is the most simple stand-alone time recorder yet. It will save you time and money, eliminate human errors in pay gross pay calculation and make supervision of man hours more efficient. It offers labour wage control that is foolproof and reliable. It's design means there is no need to worry about time card insertion or double punching.

Amano MJR8500 Timeclock


  • 250 employee capacity

  • Unlimited consecutive in/out time printings

  • Rounding of In/Out times

  • Automatic deduction of break times

  • Flexible rounding, grace periods, etc.

  • Automatic adjustment to daylight savings time

  • Built-in battery backup protects clocks and program data for up to 72 hours during power failure

  • Automatic card feeder

  • Boosts employee moral by having accumulated hours printed on their timecard

  • Exception marks for easy identification of tardiness, overtime, etc.

  • Time card corrections are simple

  • Prints exceptions in red

Amano PIX200 - Attendance (Costing) Time Clock

The PIX-200 is an ideal Time/Date Stamper for a small workshop or business where you wish to do job cost recording and/or a small amount of attendance recording. It's compact design is both reliable and functional.

Amano PIX200 Timeclock


  • Manual or automatic print

  • Selectable imprints: year, month, date and time or notation

  • Selectable print format: year (4 digit), month, and date or Julian date; day or date; AM/PM or 0-23 hours; regular minutes or 100th of hour

  • Right or left side printing

  • Desk or wall mount

  • Easy-to-replace ribbon cartridge

  • Easy-to-read LCD display

  • Automatic adjustment for daylight saving time

  • Quartz clock accuracy

  • Built-in lithium battery backup protects clock and program data in the event of power failure

  • Fast, quiet dot matrix printing

  • Selectable notation: RCV'D, SENT, FAX'D, VOID, PAID, CFM'D, APR'D, CMPL'D, ORIGN, FILE

Example of Imprint Formats

'95 MAR 22 SENT

FRPM 16:45 - (60 minutes)

FRPM 16.75 - (100th of an hour)

24 MAY 16:45


Cloud Version Out Soon!

PC/Server Version available now


  • Stepped guide to help you through the setup process with on-line wizard.

  • Logical and easy to follow daily and weekly processing function.

  • Intuitive screens

  • Works by exception

  • Flexible, handles most contracts

  • Can handle 24hr rotating shifts

  • Can work through Day Change Time

  • Selection of Time Based Allowances

  • Interfaces into many NZ Payrolls

  • Variety of management reports

  • Ongoing Software Development

Requires Windows 7 or greater

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Attendance Software - Biometric, Swipe and P.C. options

Powerful Simple Attendance Software

Intuitive to use backed by on-line help wizards and helpdesk support.

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We also have a full range of Time Cards, Racks, etc.

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