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Make an impression with a giant video screen from Bodet!

Bodet's giant video screens offer an ideal solution for displaying scoring data or sponsors adverts or even animations/video during sporting or other events.


Made up of modular panels so you can determine the size.

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Giant LED Video Screens
Bodet Giant Video Screen
Indoor and Outdoor Video Screens 

Bodet's giant screens are made up of several video modules that are assembled together. This modularity enables us to offer completely customisable screens, depending on the shape and size you require.

  • Multifunctional display: display of scores, broadcast of ads, broadcast of multimedia content.

  • Screen size which can be set to your requirements.

  • Front side maintenance (indoor screen only) or on the rear side of the video module.

  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions: humidity, extreme temperatures.

  • LED technology: 3 in 1 SMD (Indoor) & Through-hole LED (Outdoor).

  • Screen resolution: P6, P8 or P10 (Indoor) & P8, P10 or P16 (Outdoor).

Giant Video Cubes
Bodet Giant Video Cube
Video Cubes

The video cube consists of four LED screens with an 8mm or 10mm pitch, and is available in various sizes depending on your needs (7m², 9m², 15m²...). Its metal structure keeps the LED screens together and gives the cube an attractive look.

During the games, you will have the opportunity to display scores, commercials, game excerpts and videos of spectators, etc. The video cube is also great for the display of all types of videos during cultural events such as concerts, theme nights, theatre.

The video cube is ideal for large multipurpose sports halls such as arenas.

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LED Perimeter Displays
Perimeter Displays

In arenas, sports halls and stadiums, LED perimeter displays have become vital when it comes to broadcasting sponsors and advertisers' ads. 

For both teams and communities, perimeter displays therefore offer new revenue opportunities through the sale of advertising space during games.



  • Indoor and outdoor range.

  • Indoor LED perimeter display resolution (pitch in mm): P10.

  • Outdoor LED perimeter display resolution (pitch in mm): P18 or P20.

Product benefits

  • Robust and shockproof.

  • Safe thanks to protective foam padding.

  • Easy to transport using its side handles and simple to install and use.

  • Excellent readability regardless of the lighting conditions.

Bodet Videosport Software
Software for the management of scoring

Videosport is a software for the management of the scoring and timing on LED video solutions and scorebaords : this is the major advantage of our software.

Videosport was designed to customize the display of scores according to the sport and the game level.

Advertising management software

This advertisement software application allows:

  • Broadcasting of videos, images and adverts on LED video solutions.

  • Creating several playlists according to game highlight moments: half-time, pre-game, etc.

  • Managing the broadcast time for each advertiser.

Bodet Videomedia Software
The video control system is the link between input sources and display mediums

The video control system is the link between input sources (videos, images, animations, control panels) and display mediums such as scoreboards, LED screens, video cubes, perimeter displays and TV screens (press, locker room...)

Bodet Videomedia Software

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