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(Lauranka COMMS)


To manually poll a Reader(s), simply:

1. Open the COMMS Communications Software


2. Select 'Polling' (top-left hand corner)


3. Either press 'Poll All' (polls all available readers), or

    select the desired Readers and press 'Poll Select'


To automatically poll a Reader, simply set up a Task via Windows Task Scheduler at the desired Polling times.


The command line to run an Autopoll routine is:

C:\Comms\Comms.exe quickpoll

Please remember that if you have installed Comms to a non-default location the 'C:\Comms' part of the line will need to be altered to reflect the different location.

Finally with the above command line the Polling process is only active and running for the period of the command.


If you wish to see the Raw data file for either Accepted Punches (or Declined if your Reader is capable of creating these), then from the Polling Screen simply Right-Click on the applicable Reader in the Terminal/Unit List and choose either Accepted, Declined or Other Punches (Other is a Backup of the Accepted file). Obviously please remember that the Accepted and Declined Punches files are generally only available up until such time as the data is processed by the Attendance Software. 

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