The following will guide you through the physical install of your VisionPass Biometric Reader. The guide assumes that you have already run a network cable to the VisionPass. 

Your VisionPass Biometric Reader should come with a thin plastic back plate, stylus and mounting screws (you will need a standard Phillips screw driver) .

Please Note

The VisionPass is not a PoE enabled device as it's wattage requirements exceed PoE/PoE+, and as such will require use of the supplied plug pack.

Please note any power supply must be rated to provide

12 VDC and at least 3amps

(Stylus for use on the LCD)

(VisionPass, plastic back plate, and power supply)

To open/secure the case closed please undo the single security screw from the plastic bracket (requires 2mm Allen-Key) at the bottom of the VisionPass (see below picture)

To remove the front of the VisionPass from the back plastic plate/bracket (once the above screw has been undone) simple slide the front part of the VisionPass up and off the back plastic plate/bracket

Using the screws provided, fix the back bracket to a suitable wall location. Considerations in regards to mounting locations should be:

  • Placed at an appropriate height to allow for the best field of capture (the recommended height is 115cm to the bottom of the reader)

  • Location/accessibility of network cabling

  • Location/accessibility of power

  • Ease of access to Reader so as not to create a bottle neck or in an area where individuals may linger (i.e. a transition point with ease of exiting the reader area)

Connecting the Network Cable and Power

Finally, re-fit the single security screw on the underside of the plastic bracket to lock the main unit to the plastic back plate using the 2mm hex screwdriver provided.

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