The following will guide you through the physical install of your 4G V-Station. The guide assumes that you have already run both a network cable to the V-Station, and also plugged in the power supply pack (transformer). If you are running POE (Power Over Ethernet) then the power supply is not required.

Your 4G V-Station Finger Scan Reader should come with a thin plastic back plate (and bag of mounting screws which also includes a special allen-key) and if purchased the optional metal mounting bracket.

(4G V-Station, Plastic back plate, Optional metal mounting bracket)

(The plastic back plate hinges at the bottom for removal)

Using the screws provided, fix the metal mounting bracket to a suitable wall location. Considerations in regards to mounting locations should be:

  • Placed at an appropriate height to allow comfortable presentation of finger and ease of reading the display (a useful guide would be around 1100mm (1.1 meters) to the height of the sensor)

  • Location/accessibility of network cabling

  • Location/accessibility of power (if not using POE)

  • Ease of access to Reader so as not to create a bottle neck (i.e. so ease of exiting reader area)

Using the screws provided, fix the plastic back plate to the metal mounting bracket.

The cables (Network cable and Power Supply) should be wrapped

once through the respective filter (narrow one for Power Supply,

and wider one for the Network Cable.)

Once wrapped through the filter they should be snap closed.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to fit the 2 filters that are provided with

the installation kit as per the pictures below.


(If you are running POE then the power cable is not required)

Next plug in your 4G V-Station to the network and power plug (unless running POE), and fit the unit to the plastic back plate.


And finally, use the special allen-key to fasten the 2 lock screws underneath the unit.

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