The initial registration of employee’s fingers is very important. We would therefore recommend the following protocol while undertaking the initial registration so as to ensure maximum recognition when the system is in use.







  1. When the message  “Place your finger on sensor” is on

  2. Slide the finger across the Ridge-Lock without the finger touching the sensor

  3. Position the finger where the first joint of the finger meets the Ridge-Lock.

  4. Drop the finger onto the sensor using moderate pressure.

  5. Hold the finger on the sensor until the unit beeps.

  6. Lift you finger

Prior to registering an Employee for the first time it is important that they practice a couple of times placing their Finger onto the Sensor as per the illustrations below. I.e. the first time they touch the sensor should not be at the point of registration.



Enter the ‘Administration Menu’ on the Bioscrypt 4G V-Station Reader (while pressing the Left Arrow on the ‘OK’ button at the same time press ‘#enter’). Then default password is ‘0000’ followed by ‘OK’; (or if set, enter the appropriate ‘ADMIN ID’ followed by ‘0000’ and present the matching Finger).

Next using the Arrow Buttons select the ‘Template’ (bottom right icon) option and press ‘OK’. Next select ‘Enroll’ then ‘Enroll (Add) User’. Then Enter the ID Number you wish for an employee to use when Punching at the Terminal and press ‘OK’.

Next place the appropriate Finger on the lens for scanning (as per steps 1-6 above), and wait until the unit beeps and the orange light goes green. Next if both the ‘Quality’ and ‘Content’ look good (the screen will guide you) select using the Arrow Buttons select ‘Accept’, ‘Reject’ and ‘Retry’ and press ‘OK’.

Next press ‘OK’ on the ‘Select Finger’ & ‘User Name’ options and also ‘OK’ on the ‘Template Security’ (Options: None = Any Finger, Password Only, Very Low to Very High, Median = Preset level,). At this point you can choose both an Admin Level for this user (under ‘User ID’), enabling this will restrict access to the Readers ‘Administration Menu’ (as per Step 2) to only Admin Users. Likewise you can also add a ‘Password’ if desired if using ‘Template Security’ ‘Password Only’, otherwise press ‘OK’ on this option)

(Please note once you have an individual(s) registered with an ‘Admin ID’, only they can access the Administration Menu.

The Reader will now give you the option to enroll an alternative/additional finger against this user if desired. Press Enter to enroll an additional finger, or ESC to exit.


Once you have finished registering an individual we recommend that you allow the employee to practice/test a few times (about 5 times) registering their Finger.

This can simply be done via the ‘Verify Template’ option in the ‘Template’ Menu (where Index 0 = First Registered Finger for that person, 2 = 2nd, etc). If they are able to now consistently get ‘Accepted’, proceed onto the next employee. If not we would recommend that you simply delete that employee and re-register them using another finger.



Remember ‘Step 3’ is just an initial indication as to how well an individual appears to have registered their finger. The most IMPORTANT part of this procedure is testing, as this will give the most accurate feedback as to how well an individual has registered their finger.


Final Note

Each unit has as standard the ability to use a PIN Number instead of a Finger. To use a PIN number, select ‘Password’ under the ‘Template Security’ option in Step 5. If this PIN is used then an appropriate other person should use their Finger to get past Step 4.

Employee registration guide for V-Station (Printable PDF)


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