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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This guide will help you setup Deductions (and refunds).  This functions is for setting up Deductions, once setup Deductions (or Refunds) can be allocated individually to an employee via the Employee Setup screen, or via 'Main Menu' - 'Corrections' - 'Deductions' screen.


If you don't intend to use Deductions within the system then this option can be ignored.

STEP 1. Open your Lauranka Time Clock Software.



STEP 2. Select 'Setup' from the 'Main Menu'.

STEP 3. Select 'Deductions'.

STEP 4. Select 'New' to create a new Deduction.

STEP 5. 'Code': This serves as both the identifier and if you intend to transfer Deduction values to one of the applicable payrolls, this will also constitute the Pay Export Number to match your payroll Deduction code. For the applicable Payrolls we go into this Pay Export Number will be a 3 digit value, 'D' followed by the 2 digit Code. I.e. 'D01'

STEP 6. 'Description': Give the Deduction a name/description.

STEP 7. 'Charge': The default value of the Deduction (Refund) if applied.


'Variable' = Value defined at time of Allocation


''Constant'= Fixed value

STEP 8. 'Report Type': This feature is only for use in a number of very limited reports, and is not required to be setup unless you are specifically using the reports in question.



STEP 9. Job Tracking Allocation

complete if required


STEP 9a. The 'Job Tracking Allocation' function allows you to automatically allocate a Cost Center and/or Job to this Allowance when transferring the Allowance value to one of the applicable payrolls. This is the only function of this feature.


STEP 10.Finally press 'Save' to save your Leave.

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