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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

Lauranka Time Clock Series 3 allows you to automatically schedule a variety of tasks, these include:


  • Importing

  • Recalculate Data

  • Shutdown (and Compact Database on Close)

  • Shutdown Only

  • Compact and Repair Server Database


  • Missing Punches

  • On Site

  • Off Site

  • Absent & Missing Punches

  • Daily In Out Punches (Previous Day)

  • Daily In Out Punches (Current Day)

  • Weekly Timecard (Current Week)

  • Weekly Timecard (Previous Week)

To access Task Scheduler within Lauranka Time Clock go to Setup and then Schedules (Top right-hand corner).

The way you set a schedule is to:

1. Select the type of Report/Activity

2. Select the Schedule Type

3. The Order for processing

4. The Criteria (if applicable), such as the applicable Group number (eg. 1,2,4). If it is left blank all available criteria will be selected

5. Set Active to 'Yes'

To run the above Scheduled Tasks created via the above you need to create a Batch File with the below command line, then call/run the Batch File using Windows Task Scheduler.

To setup a batch file, simply create a new Notepad file. The file can be called whatever you like but must be saved with a '.Bat' file extension. i.e. 'Schedule 1.bat' for instance.


In the batch file type the following command line.

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15\root\office15\msaccess.exe" C:\Mtx\Timecode.mde /cmd X

where X= (scheduled task) 1, 2, or 3, etc... 


Use UNC paths with all Polling and Importing settings.


Now within Windows Task Schedule create a new task that runs the batch file, i.e. 'Schedule 1.bat' per the above example.

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