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Biometric Trade-In Offer

Altus Enterprises

Using Lauranka Attendance Software and Contactless MorphoWave Biometric Readers


From Altus Enterprises


Our Purpose

At Altus Enterprises we aim to bring the sense of purpose and social inclusion that work provides, to people with disabilities. We strive to create a space where people with disabilities are respected as valuable members of our Auckland community, with skills and abilities they can use to better themselves and provide services to our business clients.



We are proud of the strong partnerships we hold and the quality and quantity of work we can achieve. Altus can provide you with many services at a competitive price, including, pick and pack, labelling, assembly, collating and mailing, shrink wrapping, bottling, food repacking, and recycling. Through providing manual work to our external clients and receiving remuneration, employees develop a sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing that their work is contributing to others’ lives and businesses.


Main reason for choosing the Hand Scanner – was to move into the future as manual timesheet was hugely time-consuming for our supervisors, and then the time for payroll preparation. Whereas now we have a direct export of data into our payroll system which shows exactly what days & times they worked – very transparent for all staff. We also had a custom report created to help us determine who hasn’t turned up for work each day and from that report, we call their caregivers to ensure they are ok or why they aren’t at work – especially as our staff are disabled it is not the same duty of care as an able-bodied person.

Jacqueline Smith

Finance Manager Altus Enterprises

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