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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This is the fourth step for your day to day processes


In addition to allowing you to make corrections to hours worked, including adding leave, allowances, etc. This function allows you to close the week period so no further additions or changes can be made to the week. You can choose between the Current week you are in, 'Previous' week, or in fact scroll to any other week.


Once selected the 'Punch Corrections' has 2 functions/screens:

  • The first screen provides a list of all employees and details if a week period is Open or Closed. It also provides the ability to close off a week period either individually, or globally so no additional changes can be made to that week period.

  • The second option (accessed by double-clicking on an applicable employee) allows you to access the employees Time detail for a week so you can make adjustments to Punches, Hours Worked, leaves, allowances, etc. as appropriate.


Please note when you close a week period, any previous weeks that are yet to be closed are also closed. (I.e. the system ensures every week is closed up until that point for the employee). 


Quick Keys and Hints

  • Double-click an employee to select that employee.

  • Press 'C' or 'P' for quick searches.

  • Press 'D' for delete punch.

  • Press 'B' for previous employee or 'N' for next employee.

  • Double-click 'Absent' or 'Miss Punch' to add a Punch.

  • When adding a Punch you can select if applicable off the 'Declined Punches' or 'Rostered Times' by double-clicking on the desired Clocking.

  • When adding, modifying or deleting a Punch the system will automatically re-order the clockings according to the applicable rules.

  • A Star * indicates that a Punch has been manually added or altered.

  • The Start/Stop times are the actual clocking times, while the Rounded times (applicable to Open weeks only) are what it is calculating the clocking times to based to the applicable Group Rule for that employee. The Original times (again applicable to Open weeks only) are what an original clocking time was prior to being modified.

  • The Break time displays any unpaid breaks applicable for that period of work. (This feature was added and applicable for data from Series 3.101onwards).

  • When a week is closed the information displayed cannot be edited. Also please note that the displayed totals for a Closed Week will exclude any 'Weekly Difference' values that may exist. (This exclusion is only limited to Closed weeks in the Corrections Screen and does not reflect in all applicable reports).

  • The 'Print' button is only available for Open Weeks, so long as that week does not notify and detect a 'Rule Change Mismatch' (See below for more details)

  • You can override Group Rules for an individual by double-clicking on the desired punch and ticking/overriding various auto calculated values. These include:


  • No 'Fixed Breaks' from this punch onwards to the next

  • No 'Rostering Shift Breaks' and 'Auto Break' from this punch onwards to the next

  • Remove 'Maximum Shift' (Select for the 'Start' Punch Only) 

  • No 'Revision Times' applies to this Punch

  • Override Hours Calculation - This allows you to override the entire days calculation of hours to either REG, OTA or OTB (available from Ver 3.119).

Important Notes


If you are finished with processing a week you MUST ensure the week is closed.

This is especially important if you intend to alter any Rules, including within Groups, Employee's, Stat Dates, etc.

Also please note within the related Stat Holiday Screen/function (off the Main Menu), if you alter any hour values or tick/untick either Permanent or Active you MUST recalculate the applicable week to ensure all related changes flow through correctly. As such any changes made in this screen MUST be done prior to closing the applicable week(s). If you have already Closed a related week then you must re-open the week and perform the recalculate function.

Finally Please note: During the Import process if the system detects any duplicate/identical Punch Times within either the Import File or the System itself it will remove any copies of these duplicates. This is done to ensure that only one primary Clocking exists for each transaction and voids issues where an employee may accidently clocking multiple times. If you need to Clock an Employee Out then In at the same time (with identical Cost Centre/Jobs) then you should select the 'Transfer' option against the punch (when Adding or modifying a Punch time), do not select the ‘Start/Stop’ option. This then creates only a single Clocking which has the dual function of displaying / calculating as an Out punch and then an In punch.


Please remember that while a week is open any processing of data for that week will be calculated (or recalculated) according to the currently applicable Group rules. Functions that will trigger an open weeks data to be calculated (or recalculated) according to the currently applicable Group rules are:

  • A manual recalculation of the weeks data

  • Importing Punch Data for an employee into an open week period

  • Making any alterations or corrections to Punch data in an open week period


Additionally if you change any of the rules governing how hours are calculated, and the system detects a discrepancy between data already stored for an open week and calculations based on the revised rules, a notification will be displayed on the Corrections Screen advising of this:


Notification Displayed

Rule Change


Refer 'Help Wizard'
for more detail



If this occurs the following actions can be taken:


1. Update the weeks data immediately with the new rules by manually Recalculating the weeks data. Via either the 'Recalculate Week' on the 'Corrections Screen or via the 'Recalculate' function in the 'Setup' Menu


2. Leave it and the weeks data will be automatically updated according to the new rules, if and when any of the following occur:

  • Punch Data for this employee is imported into the open week

  • Punch data in the open week is manually altered or corrected


Important: If you change anything (Group Rules or Employee Setup) that has or is likely to effect the way an employees hours are calculated within an Open Week then you MUST ensure either of the above Options 1 or 2 is undertaken  to ensure the system is able to process the data fully and correctly.


Also due to how the system processes data any rule change needs to be considered applicable and applied to the entire week period. I.e. NOT considered from mid week on.

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