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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This is the fifth (final) step for your day to day processes


This feature provides access to the report menu, there are many reports covering and displaying different time based information.


The 'Reports' (left side) contains the many varied reports. Different report types can be found under the various tabs, i.e. 'Time', 'Job', 'Misc', etc.


When you find a report you like, you can right-click on it and set it to Favorites. In doing so whenever you enter the Reports menu your Favorites will immediately be selectable.

(Likewise you can right-click and unselect them)


The 'Period' (middle) allows to to select the applicable period for the report.


The 'Criteria' allows you to select the applicable criteria to print.

Important Note

Please note when printing a report the employee will be catagorised/sorted based on their currently assigned Group irrespective of what (if any) previous Group(s) they may have been allocated to. 



Steps to Create a Report


Step 1. Select the desired Report from the 'Reports' list, on the left side of the screen

Step 2. Select the 'Pay Type' and 'Date Selection', from the middle of the screen

Step 3. Select the Criteria of who you want to print wish to print, from the right side of the screen

Step 4. Select the required Print Option and 'Print'



Please note not all Print options are available

or vaild for every type of Report. 


The 'To Email' option is only available

for use with Microsoft Outlook.

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