(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This guide will help you understand and setup the Cost Centres.


If you don't intend to use Cost Centres then this option can be ignored.

STEP 1. Open your Lauranka Time Clock Software.

STEP 2. Select 'Setup' from the 'Main Menu'.

STEP 3. Select 'Cost Centres'.

STEP 4. Select 'New' to create a new Cost Centre.

STEP 5. 'Number': Allocate a number to the Cost Centre.

STEP 6. 'Name': Give the Cost Centre a name.

STEPS 7-11 are optional

(complete if required)


STEP 7. 'Description': Ability to enter a description.

STEP 8. 'Status': Ability to have a Cost Centre 'Open" or 'Closed'.

The default is 'Open'

STEP 9. 'Pay Export Code': If you intend to transfer hours worked to your Payroll and include the breakdown by Cost Centre, the this value should match your Payroll Cost Centre code.

'Rate' - This field introduced in Version 3.097 allows you to add a specific Pay Rate applicable to working in this Cost Centre. Please note it is currently only available for the following Pay Export Files:


IMS CSV PayFile (Compressed - Days) CC Rate

IMS CSV PayFile (Days) CC Rate

STEP 10. 'Default Job': This feature is only for use in a small number of specific CSV Pay Export files, and is not required to be setup unless you are specifically using one of these file.

STEP 11. 'Alternative Export Codes': This feature is only for use in one specific CSV Pay Export file, and is not required to be setup unless you are specifically using this file.

STEP 12. Finally press 'Save' to save your Cost Centre.

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