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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

Our Lauranka Time Clock Software has the ability to allow you to either manually or automatically import your employees demographic information directly from IMS Payroll. Once setup the process to update is very simple.


The following guide will detail the initial setup process to allow your Lauranka Time Clock software to access the IMS's demographics (i.e. hook into IMS's database).


Initial Setup:

  1. On your Windows Start menu, either point to Settings, and/or click Control Panel.

  2. Next, click the 'Administrative Tools'

  3. Then locate "Data Sources (ODBC) 32 bit" and run it. (Please not if it just says "Data Sources (ODBC)", then this is the 64 bit version, which is incorrect. You must go and locate 'C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe'. and run that.)

  4. Next, click on the System DSN tab, then click Add...

  5. Next select the DBISAM 4 ODBC Driver (Read-only), then click Finish.

  6. Enter 'IMS' (in capitals) as the Data Source Name, then click Next...

  7. Select Local (Single/Multi-User), then click Next...

  8. Select the 'IMS' Database Location (folder where 'IMS' data is stored), then click Next...

  9. Then click Next...

  10. Then click Next...

  11. Then click Next...

  12. Then click Next...

  13. Then click Finish


Once the above setup is completed, to import Employees from IMS Payroll simply do the following:

  1. From the ‘Main Menu’ go to ‘Setup’

  2. Select ‘Data Transfer’ (far right-hand side), and select the 'Import IMS' tab

  3. Next 'Test Connection Type' to ensure you are accessing the correct IMS database (details).

  4. Once satisfied you are connected to the correct IMS Database you can then Add and/or Update the various fields within your Lauranka Time Clock Software as required.

Please note any new employees will be automatically defaulted to Group (rule) 30 as a default.

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