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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

Terminating an employee within Lauranka is a simple process. There is only a few steps to do, but it is important that these are undertaken to ensure the employee is Terminated correctly. Terminating makes an employee Inactive (Terminated) and achieves their data off under a new card number prefixed with 'T'.


  1. The first thing to ensure is that you have finalised any Corrections for the employee and all data is correct.

  2. Next for the most current week relevant to the employee you must  ‘Close (the) Week’ via the Corrections Screen.

  3. Once the Week is Closed you can Terminate the employee via the ‘Employee Setup’ Screen.


You will note that once Terminated their Card Number is prefixed by a ‘T’.


Important Notes about Terminating Employees:

  • The employee's Termination Date will be noted as per the Date selected.

  • All data associated with the employee, from and including the day after the Termination Date will be deleted (this includes any Clocking Data, Stat Holidays, Leaves, etc).

  • A Terminated employee can be re-instated by selecting 'UnTerminate'. When you UnTerminate an employee you can reassign the same ID Number or a different number (assuming it has not been reused). Please note however UnTerminating an employee will not re-instate any deleted Clocking or Leave Data, etc.).

  • The employee will disappear off applicable Global reports but can still be individually selected when required via the Report Menu and will be assigned to their most recent Group for reporting purposes.

  • Final note - If an employee has no stored Clocking data, etc. at all and they are Terminated, the employee will be completely deleted (and not archived).

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