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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This is the second step for your day to day processes


The Import Data grabs/uses any file(s) that have been Polled and brings/imports them into the Time Clock software for processing.

Please note: During the Import process if the system detects any duplicate/identical Punch Times within either the Import File or the System itself it will remove any copies of these duplicates. This is done to ensure that only one primary Clocking exists for each transaction and voids issues where an employee may accidently clocking multiple times.



If required the Importing process can be setup to run automatically. For assistance on setting this up please contact the support team at Lauranka for details.


The default location for the files used for Import Punches is 'C:/Comms/Tmclock.daf' folder (i.e. matched to the Poll location). The settings for this are in 'Setup' - 'External Systems'.

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