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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This is the third step for your day to day processes


This step highlights any missed clockings (by looking for an odd number of punches). You can choose between the Current week you are in, and the 'Previous' week.


Once selected the Missing Punches screen will highlight any individuals who have missed a punch. You select them by simply double-clicking on their name. This will then take you through to that employees Punch Corrections screen so you can correct the missing clocking.


To add a clocking where the punch has been missed, simply double-click on the 'Miss Punch', then add the appropriate time (even if its missed the start clocking, the system will re-order when added).


Once you correct the Missing Punch and close the 'Punch Corrections' screen then the employee in question will disappear from the Missing Punches screen.

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