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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

Before getting down to setting up the the nuts and bolts of the System its a good idea to setup a system administrator(s) to allow for the tracking of activity.


STEP 1. Open your Lauranka TimeClock Software

STEP 2. Select 'Setup' from the 'Main Menu'

STEP 3. Select 'Passwords'

STEP 4. You now need to either setup a new password(s), or modify the default 'open' password.

STEP 5. Finally press 'Save' to save any new password or changes.

STEP 6. 'Cancel' will exit the screen.



Please ensure you add the 'User Name' of the administrator(s) against the new/modified password(s).


Likewise please ensure the appropriate 'Areas' are selected against each new password by selecting either 'Yes' or 'No'.


To enable all options against a password choose 'Select All Areas to Yes'.



The 'Email' option allows you to setup a user to allow for automatic emailing of select reports. Currently we support, Outlook, Gmail and MS Exchange.

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