(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This feature allows for editing Statutory Holiday hours and rules for individual holiday dates


You should use this feature if:

1. The default number of hours an employee gets for either an un-worked Statutory Holiday or a Alternative Holiday is different from their default value (as setup under either the Groups or the Employees Setup Screen.)


2. It is not the employee's normal working day and you do not wish to provide them a Statutory Holiday if they have not worked, or likewise an Alternative Holiday if they do work.


3. You wish to turn the Statutory Holiday off for that person (i.e. as if the Statutory Holiday doesn't exist.

Please note this Screen does not allow you to create the actual Statutory Holiday, to create actual dates please use the 'Setup' menu


The first thing you should do prior to making an amendments is select the appropriate Statutory Holiday date you wish to work on.


There are then 3 options you can select against each individual for the date select. You can:

1. Alter the number of hours (from their default) they get for this particular day should they not work, or likewise as an Alternative holiday should they work.


(Please note the level of detail, including if these values are generated, and if so will they be in hours or days will be dependent upon the Pay Export File used and the related settings within the Employees Setup Screen ('Setup' - '5. Employees' - 'Main 2').


2. If it is not an employees normal working day and you do not wish to provide them a Statutory Holiday if they haven't worked, or likewise an Alternative Holiday if they do work then un-tick the 'Permanent' option.


(Please note even if this box is un-ticked the employee will still have any hours worked on this day calculated according to the Overtime rate as per the 'Group' rules they are allocated to).


3. If you wish to turn the Statutory Holiday off for a person, i.e. so  it does not exist then un-tick the 'Active' button.


(This is used where for instance the Statutory Holiday might fall on a weekend, in which case it is often carried over to the next week day. In this case you can set both Statutory days which might apply and by individual turn off the Statutory holiday date that does not apply to them).

Important Note

if you alter any hour values or tick/untick either Permanent or Active you MUST recalculate the applicable week to ensure all applicable changes flow through correctly. As such any changes made in this screen MUST be done prior to closing the applicable week(s) . If you have already Closed a related week then you must re-open the week and perform the recalculate function.

4 Weekly Average

This function released on v3.093 allows for the easy calculation of the last 4 weeks average related to a specific Statutory Holiday. It is optional and discretionary to use, and is designed as a tool to provide extra options and flexibility in assisting with Statutory Holidays under certain circumstances. Please note you still have full autonomy to override the Stat values and adjust as required to ensure you adhere to the relevant requirements for determining Statutory Holiday entitlements.


E.g. For this example lets say the Statutory Holiday is on a Friday. First you select the desired Statutory Holiday Date, next select the '4 Weekly Average' function and the system will display and calculate what the average of the prior 4 weeks Fridays are.


These calculations are then shown on what is essentially a splash screen that you have full autonomy and discretion to override. Within this Screen you have the option of deciding how to apply the averages, i.e. they must have worked 3 of the last 4 Fridays, and/or likewise use their default Stat Holiday Hours, etc. You can also determine if the person is considered a permanent employee or not, or likewise if the Stat doesn't exist for the person.

Once you are happy with these values you can then 'Allocate Hours'. This function purely populates the primary Statutory Holiday Settings screen per the values of the '4 Weekly Average' Splash Screen. Again as per the Splash Screen the primary Statutory Holiday Settings screen still allows full autonomy and discretion to override any value or setting.

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