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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

(For the standard non-SQL MS Access Version)


The Lauranka install USB Stick contains 3 applications, each of which requires to be installed.


They are:

1. MS Access 2013 runtime. This is the base application upon which our Time and Attendance Software runs. This is available as both a 32bit or 64bit application.

2. The Time & Attendance Software.


3. Lastly the COMMS Communications Software, this is the application that interacts with the V-Station (and/or provides for Clocking On and Off at the P.C. if licensed to do so). All applications require to be installed. Once installed they will interact together and appear to work as one application.

Please note if you are using Lauranka COMMS for Punch at the P.C. (Clocking On and Off at the P.C.) then this can be installed onto other desktops to allow for Clocking by employees (installation on multiple P.C.’s requires a valid Network Software License). Lauranka Time Clock does not require to be installed in order for Lauranka COMMS to run.


Please remember the Time & Attendance Software has been currently designed to operate under European Date Formats (running under US Date formats will cause an error when calculating between hours). To change the Month/Time format, please alter the ‘Short Date Format/Style’ in your ‘Regional Settings’ DD-MMM-YYYY.


If this does not quite do it you may need to change your settings to English – New Zealand, or English – UK etc, as well.


To install the Software simply run the 'Setup.exe' for the 3 applications, these are clearly detailed as follows.


Firstly choose the appropriate install option directory, detailed on the root directory of the Lauranka install USB Stick:

1. 'Option 1 Install 32bit Version (Office 2013 32bit)', or

2. 'Option 2 Install 64bit Version (Office 2013 64bit)'

(A rule of thumb would be if you are already running a 64bit version of MS Office, then you would choose the 64bit version. If you are unsure please contact the team at Lauranka.)


The next step after choosing the appropriate (directory) option, is to run the'Setup.exe' for each.

1. 'Step 1/Setup.exe'

2. 'Step 2/Setup.exe'

3. 'Step 3/Setup.exe


Once installed Lauranka Time Clock can be run from the Windows menu and is called:

Lauranka Time Clock


Verification Code: You have 30 days to enter this code from date of first activation of the software. This Code will be provided by Lauranka New Zealand Ltd.


Default Password: Open


This application will run on Windows 7 or greater.


If you have a full Version on Microsoft Access 2013, we would suggest that instead of installing the main Time Clock Software as per Step 1 and 2. above, that you manually create a Folder on your PC called ‘C:\ MTX’. Then copy across from the CD under the ‘Support‘ Folder the following files (Please note you will still need to install the COMMS Software as per Step 3.)…


1. Timecode.mde (application file, i.e. executable)

2. Timecode.ini

3. Timeinfo.mdb

4. TimeRost.mdb

5. Timestat.mde

6. Njla12.lst

7. Timecode.ico (so you can create an Icon on the desk top, suggest

    you rename the Icon to 'Lauranka Time Clock')


Please note the ‘Extra’ folder on the CD contains additional product information, etc.


The Lauranka Time Clock software is designed to be installed and run as a Client/Server application. It is NOT designed to run as  a Terminal/Server application.

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