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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This guide will help you setting statutory holiday dates on a global basis.


This function is in essence only a splash screen that allows you to universally apply new statutory holiday dates to all (active) Groups.


Viewing, editing or deleting dates must still be done via each individual Group setup screen.

STEP 1. Open your Lauranka Time Clock Software.

STEP 2. Select 'Setup' from the 'Main Menu'.

STEP 3. Select 'Stat Holidays'.

STEP 4. Once you have selected the desired Statutory holiday dates (by highlighting in yellow), press the 'Apply' button to commit the changes.

STEP 5. Finally press 'Close' to exit.

Important Note:

Please note prior to Version 3.085 PSA when setting the Statutory Holiday dates, only the date is set and applied to the employees Time Card details at the time of selection, not the quantity of hours. It is only when a weeks data is processed or recalculated for that employee will Statutory Holiday hours be applied. Therefore we recommend it to be good practice where possible to enter Statutory Holiday details in advanced so they are processed automatically when the week in question is eventually reached and worked.


If you required to put in Statutory Holiday detail retrospectively, then you should undertake a 'Recalculate' on any weeks still open for the related hours to take full effect.


Finally with the above in mind should you need to enter Statutory Holiday dates in advance and these are the ONLY values pertaining to that employee for the week in question you will need to manually 'Recalculate' that week for the employee within the 'Corrections' screen for the Holiday Hours to be applied.

Final Note:

If you decide to Set and Unset Statutory Holidays for a Group, especially for a week period relating to an employee that may already be closed, please be aware that you should manually check via the Report menu (not Corrections) to ensure the Stats have been applied as required as the stored archived data against an employee will not reflect the any current changes to closed week periods.

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