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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

The following guide is applicable only if you are running either the Bioscrypt 3G or 4G Fingerscan Readers, and assumes the employee has already previously been registered.

STEP 1. Open 'Lauranka COMMS' (select 'COMMS' off the Main Menu in Lauranka Time Clock)

STEP 2. Goto 'V-Station Setup' - Is the Employee already been backed up from the Finger Scan Reader and showing in the 'Employee List'?

(If Yes go to Step 4, If No go to Step 3.)

STEP 3. Back-up the employees Finger Scans by choosing the desired Terminal/Reader in the 'Terminal/Unit List' and selecting

  'Unit to P.C. (New)' (for all new employees)


   'Unit to P.C. (All)' (for all employees)

STEP 4. Once you have transferred all applicable Finger Scan Templates to the P.C., double-click on the employee you wish to modify to PIN number

STEP 5. An 'Employee Info' screen will open up. Starting with first 'Finger Scan' in the list (bottom left hand corner box) select the first 'Template' and change the 'Security Threshold' to 'Password Only' and enter a PIN in the 'Password' box. (If you do not enter a PIN then the employee can just Clock In or Out with their ID only)

STEP 6. Repeat Number 5 for any other listed Templates against that Employee. i.e. if they have 3 Templates, all 3 templates must be changed

STEP 7. Press 'OK' once all Templates have been modified

STEP 8. Send the modified Templates back to the desired Terminal/Reader(s). Ensure only the Employee(s) you have modified is/are highlighted in blue in the 'Employee List'. Next highlight the desired Terminal/Reader(s) in the 'Terminal/Unit' List to send the altered Templates back to, and select 'P.C. to Unit'.

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