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(Lauranka Time Clock Series 3)

This is the first step for your day to day processes


By Polling you are ensuring the latest data is brought back from you Reader(s) to the P.C.. The data brought back is only a raw data file at this stage and as yet has not been used or processed by the Time Clock software.




If required the Polling process can be setup to run automatically. For assistance on setting this up please contact the support team at Lauranka for details.


The default location for the Polled data file is the 'C:/Comms/Tmclock.daf'.

The settings for this are in 'Comms' - 'Terminal Setup'.


To automatically poll a Reader, simply set up a Task via Windows Task Scheduler at the desired Polling times.


The command line to run an Autopoll routine is:

C:\Comms\Comms.exe quickpoll

Please remember that if you have installed Comms to a non-default location the 'C:\Comms' part of the line will need to be altered to reflect the different location.

Finally with the above command line the Polling process is only active and running for the period of the command.

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